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We can help with relocations to London. Our friendly service can help settle you warmly into this wonderful city.

We can help with relocations to London. Our friendly service can help settle you warmly into this wonderful city.

We offer expert Treasured Property Management & In Residence lifestyle services across London.

We offer expert Treasured Property Management & In Residence lifestyle services across London.

a conductor role

The Modern Concierge is a private consultancy bureau based in Shoreditch. The company was gently started in 2014 to indulge the love of travel and some very special parts of the world in particular. We are your private travel planners.

We play a conductor role in connecting our small tribe of clients with our entirely unique portfolio of selected places and advanced services. You enjoy single point of contact access, to a chosen collective of independent expert services providers. Each shares our commitment to delivering you an 'eyes light up' experience.

The Modern Concierge coordinates and connects these trusted services to you.


Anyone is able to make three service requests before we discuss the best membership basis for future requests. For the first three requests we charge a 10% service fee on all arrangements made on your behalf. Some simple requests (e.g. dinner reservation) are charged on a fixed price basis. Please ask us for more details when you call.

The Annual Fee Commitment is GBP6,000+ for those seeking full membership of our services. Annual Fees include a range of advanced and exclusive personal aircover around the world. This is how we can deliver a global and 24/7 emergency service. We create personalised annual fee and/or monthly subscription proposals with individual services and pricing to suit the correct level of assistance or complexity required. We operate a waiting list for annual membership clients.


After completing your first three requests, we will propose a custom membership package. Each membership proposal is designed around the life and needs of the individual client, so each membership is personalised and priced accordingly.

Annual Ad Hoc Access

For those seeking the ease our services offer, but who do not wish a full membership or monthly subscription. It costs from £1,250+ per year to register for ad hoc access to our services. This enables you to call upon our service only as required. The fee becomes a non refundable 'on account' balance, an upfront commitment,  against which we provide access and draw down service activity fees. The balance is then restored by arrangement.

Full Annual Membership

From £1,995+ per year with minimum fee commitments. Each membership is personally priced with customised services,  as chosen by you. The value of full annual membership is that it sets you up for success, by enabling a proactive style of support for you. We include some extremely important and useful services to enable us to provide cover on your global travels. For you and your family or you and your company. We provide a special welcome for our members at a growing portfolio of clubhouses, private vacation property and destination services around the world. Most importantly, our members receive a unique global travel cover and intervention service manned by ex-diplomatic service experts. Read more about Consular Care & Visa Services further down this scroll.

Our next membership year starts 1st January 2020 with proposals from September 2019.

Advanced Support Services: The Modern Consultancy

The best way to experience what do, is to engage us fully as a modern extension of your private office.  This enables us to plan well ahead for you, working proactively to assist with making life as it could be. Everything perfectly arranged as you wish.

Modern Consultancy is offered on a highly attentive basis from £2,000 per month, with no further fees. We include an advanced range of support - for instance, social media consultancy as well as comprehensive concierge lifestyle assistance.  From planning private engagements, to assistance with organising corporate events with business content. We call upon subject specialist ninja teams as required. All this rolled into a single, known fee and senior point of contact.

24 Hour Consular Cover

Membership includes 24 hour access to Consular Care, a diplomatic style of travel cover. We are the only concierge service in the world to offer this special-care rapid intervention service for global travellers. Manned round the clock by a team of ex-Diplomats, on hand to assist should an emergency arise as you nagivate the globe. Advanced Memberships include 24 hour first language medical assistance in addition to The Modern Concierge package of Consular Care cover and protection. We hope you never need it, but you will be helped greatly if you ever do need this kind of global intervention.

The Consular Care services include advanced visa advisory for all passport holders.

24 Hour Jet Booking Service & The Modern Concierge JetCard Special Rates

Our affiliation with Air Partner plc gives all our clients and members access to a 24 hour private jet booking service and preferential rates via our Members JetCard. This offers guaranteed aircraft availability, fixed prices and 24 hour services.

Magical Places

Across the world we have an exclusive portfolio of property for magical vacations, offering special access and warmest welcomes for our Members to escape and enjoy.

Private Event Management

We have the experience and capability to be entrusted with large or complex arrangements, either for special or corporate events. We can discreetly provide background support while you take responsibility for delivering a corporate event (i.e. we quietly organise your team celebration). Or, you could appoint us to deliver a corporate summer party.

Why Join?

We say its the joy of saving time. You may say its the joy of accessing all of it, via a single trusted source. The villa, the jet, the chopper, the car, the transfers - it can all be organised at the same time, in the same call, as organising a dinner date in London.

Living on the front foot and getting more out of life, means working proactively with someone like us to sort things out while you get on with living your life.

Those who share our passion and curiosity for design, travel and authentic experiences are those likely to enjoy our services most. Those leading incredibly busy lives, but who seek better outcomes in terms of better planning in their private life and travels, may be those likely to need our services most.

We won't work for absolutely anyone, so there is a two way familiarization process on the route to being invited or wishing to join our full services. Most of our new clients are proposed by existing clients, and this word of mouth referral is wonderful.

The first step, is to call us in London on 0207 060 1060 and we can take it from there.